52 Day Miracle (Book)

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52 Day Miracle (Book)

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Forward by Rick Warren
Written by Dr. P. C. Spencer

“Let this book motivate you to believe God for more than you ever have!”

- Rick Warren, Author - The Purpose Driven Life, Pastor - Saddleback Church

52 Day Miracle

The story of Pastor Satish Kumar and Cavary Temple - the fastest growing church in the world.

The wind blowing across India can fan the embers still burning in America. Prayerfully, the West will not underestimate the value of revival in India in these perilous times for Christianity in the East and the Middle East.

It’s NOW or NEVER for the West! Growth is no longer a luxury - but a necessity.

A church that’s not growing...is dying. This first-century revolution is sparking a 21st-century revival!

Through testimony and eye witness accounts, Dr. Peter Spencer weaves the real-life narrative of Dr. Satish Kumar, pastor and founder of Calvary Temple church in Hyderabad, India - the fastest growing church in the world. A close friend and minister with Dr. Kumar for almost a decade and a half, Dr. Spencer uses his skilled writing style to craft vivid imagery and capture The pace of Calvary Temple's lightening- fast growth and action-packed history, drawing the reader into the riveting story of how God is using India's miracle church to awaken revival in india - and your church through the testimony in this book!