What is The Renaissance of Grace?

Watch Peter's introduction above and read his letter on "The Renaissance of Grace" below.

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As I look back over my life, I realize that the Lord has put within me gifts that could each be their own profession. Because of this, I feel as if I've lead five lifetimes in this one - and He's only just begun His work in me. Each new work He begins - often many at once - teaches me more about His Grace and grows his Grace in me. We must always remember that this rebirth of Grace results in an outpouring of work according to His gifts in us. This outpouring for me often manifests in works of art and discoveries of scientific truth that work as tools of sharing God's Grace with others. This constant renewal from the Lord through His gifts is: the Renaissance of Grace.



"Renaissance" by definition means "rebirth," and - much like the artistic and intellectual period in human history - rebirth can be marked by a surge of creative masterpieces and scientific discovery. As the Lord continues to increase the flow of artistic projects and Biblical discoveries as I age, I feel his work in me stays fresh. I continue to develop concepts for life-changing films like my upcoming project THIEF; I write chapters of books to strengthen Christian marriages like my book in progress THRIVING MARRIAGE; I create platforms for missionaries to spread the Gospel such as the biography I'm writing on today's fastest growing church in the world - 52 DAY MIRACLE, and I research the science and history that illuminates the truth of the Bible for my web-series BIBLE DETECTIVE



I have professional experience in visual art, filmmaking, music performance, theology, teaching, scholarship, and mission work. God has used each and every one of these platforms to demonstrate a rebirth in the form of His Grace to me. My life is a testament to how God can use your gifts increasingly to serve His purpose. I've gathered over 3,000 of my sermons and teachings on God's worth to change lives and will regularly be adding these collected works here online to reach anyone, anywhere, at any time in the link I call PAJAMA CHURCH.

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More soon - and shalom,

Peter C. Spencer